Nick studied Political Science, International Relations, and Continental Philosophy (for which his graduate work was published) at the University of Kansas.  He’s worked in K-8 school districts managing technology departments in the area for years, and currently works with a majority minority community in Skokie.   This has given him a deep understanding of how to best help those who most need it, as well as how to marshal otherwise disparate resources to get it done. 

Nick worked for Apple as the corporate liaison between large businesses such as the Chicago Bulls, and Bears.  During that time he provided consultation services with local and small businesses in the area as well.  He also trained up and coming technicians, in many cases helping young adults just starting in their careers get a foot in the door.

Nick was formerly on the board of the Southeast Evanston Association which focuses on protecting our lakefront and surrounding area (primarily in the 3rd and 1st wards).  They were heavily active in the movement to save Harley Clarke. 

Nick was also formerly on the leadership team for the Evanston chapter of Indivisible which is a national organization of progressive activists seeking to implement broad structural change across the spectrum in our communities. 

Nick is a charter member of the non-for-profit Dine After Dark which encourages food service businesses to keep later hours than normal during Ramadan to better accommodate those who observe.

Nick ran for District 65’s school board in 2017 at which time he earned the endorsement of the District Educators’ Council.  As well a parent of a special needs Kindergartener, Nick has a deep understanding how to help raise up all underserved in our schools and communities at large.

Nick has been living in southeast Evanston for more than ten years.